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St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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News & Events

April 16 - Great Wednesday  
8:30am - Holy Confession followed by Divine Liturgy at 9am.
7:00pm - Holy Unction service with host and visiting clergy

April 17 - Great & Holy Thursday  
8:30am - Holy Confession followed by Divine Liturgy at 9am
7:00pm - Reading of the 12 Passion Gospels

April 18 - Great & Holy Friday  
9:00am Royal Hours
5:00pm Vespers, Carrying out of the Holy Shroud
7:30pm Matins - Procession around the church & confession

April 19 - Great & Holy Saturday  
8:30am Holy Confession
9:00am Divine Liturgy & Communion

Kolo Bake Sale: 10:00 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M. in the Cultural Center
Featuring apple, cheese, cabbage & poppy seed pita, walnut rolls, cakes, tortes,doughnuts, cookies, bread & sweet bread.(All homemade and freshly prepared by members of the Sisters Circle)

April 20 - Pascha - Resurrection of our Lord  
5:00am Easter Matins
8:30am Divine Easter Liturgy in English
10:30am Divine Easter Liturgy in Church Slavonic

April 21 - Easter Monday  
9:00am Divine Liturgy

April 22 - Easter Tuesday  
9:00am Divine Liturgy

Radio Hour Available Online  
We are happy to inform all of our listeners that the St. Sava Radio Hour Prgram is available to listen to online, any day of the week along with other terrific music selections, compliments of Misa Dukic. Simply go to and enjoy!






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