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Andrej Dragičević Foundation for Special Needs Kids

Andrej Dragičević Foundation for Special Needs Kids was started in 2022 for the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Milwaukee. The purpose of the foundation is to provide opportunities for our families who have children with delays or disabilities to come together in a safe environment and support one another. It is more challenging for these families to get out and explore. Therefore, we meet one time a month and do variety of activities that children and families enjoy. In 2024, we also started coffee outings for parents to hang out, connect, and share resources.

As we continue to create a safe and welcoming environment at various church events and around the church grounds, we will encourage the community to ask questions, learn more and be friends/advocates for our special needs population. While also giving our special needs families the same opportunities that kids without special needs have (Sunday school, basketball, soccer, dancing, etc). 

All of the outings are covered by the group because of generous donations from parishioners and the community. Portion of the sales will be given to the group to help cover activities. We also hope that we continue to spread the word of our wonderful organization. 

We are also proud to announce an inception of an online shop for our organization. Part of every single purchase will go to our organization. Please share link with your family and friendsČ

Lead with Love,

Nataša, Deni, and Vladimir 

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