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United Serbian Youth Soccer Club (USYSC)



United Serbian Youth Soccer Club is dedicated to providing a quality sports experience while focusing on the development of our youth. Our goal is not only to develop the player, but to also develop the person. We work to instill the values of sportsmanship and fair play, build confidence, and develop a sense of community. 


United Serbian Youth SC was formed 60 years ago in the city of Milwaukee, most likely the first soccer club in the United States. From the beginning, the home of the club was and still is at St. Sava grounds on 51st and Oklahoma, and is a legitimate heir to first organized soccer team at St. Sava grounds. The church was instrumental in organizing the club, in 1951, under the direction of late Father Milan Brkic. Within a few years the club attained the top of the league standings, earning respect from other clubs in the league. To this day, St. Sava soccer grounds are the center of Serbian sports activities in the metropolitan area. We are looking forward to continuous growth of our club and teams.



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