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Affiliated Organizations

Our St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral maintains numerous organizations that are woven into the fabric of our community. We welcome you and invite you to learn more about each organization below.


St. Sava Orthodox School

Our parochial school, St. Sava Orthodox School, was established in 1996 and provides children with an Orthodox, Christian-based education from preschool through eighth grade.  What started as a small school with a low enrollment has blossomed into Milwaukee’s go-to source for an exceptional Orthodox education, rich in the Serbian culture. Students are able to learn in a friendly, faith-based environment and have plenty of extracurricular opportunities, including a musical program in the school’s curriculum. For more information about St. Sava Orthodox School, visit the school’s website.

Sunday School

All children ages 3-18 are welcome! Classes are held every Sunday from 10:00-10:45 AM. We have a wonderful volunteer group of teachers and office staff and always welcome new volunteers! Join us as a teacher, office helper, altar boy and epistle reader coordinator or help with a retreat or activity. Our mission is educating children in Orthodox Christian faith by following St. Sava Way (i.e. "Svetosavlje").


Circle of Serbian Sisters

Kolo Srpskih Sestara has been the right hand of St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral since its inception in 1929.  

Our Kolo, the largest...

Sumadija Serbian Folk Dance Ensamble

Sumadija Serbian Folk Dance Ensemble of Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, was formed in 1968 and first performed in 1969. The mission of the folk dance ensemble is to depict and carry on cultural traditions of Serbian people through song and dance...


Stevan Sijacki Choir

The Stevan Sijacki Choir was founded during the Great Depression at the “Old Dome” on 3rd and National. In 1936, the former Aleksa Shantich Choir was reorganized and renamed to honor the Serbian composer Stevan Sijacki. Under the direction of Father George Petrovich...

United Serbian Soccer Club

Established in 1964, United Serbian Soccer Club (USSC) has found its home at St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Milwaukee, WI. With an already rich history, we are excited to have your support as we try to usher in an even brighter future. Only Unity Saves The Serbs! 


United Serbian Youth Soccer Club (USYSC)

United Serbian Youth Soccer Club is dedicated to providing a quality sports experience while focusing on the development of our youth. Our goal is not only to develop the player, but...

Serbian Radio Hour

The Saint Sava Serbian Radio Hour is one of the oldest Serbian radio programs in North America. The program is overseen by...


Bocce Club St. Sava

Bocce Club Saint Sava was founded in 2005 by members of the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Milwaukee...

Movement of Serbian Chetniks "Ravne Gore"

With faith in Good for the King and our Country, the freedom fighters of "Ravna Gora" carry on their battle for the freedom which God has given a man. We are opposed to every dictatorship and tyranny, and we will never give...


Sister Cities:

The Milwaukee-Kragujevac Sister City Committee works to promote a relationship of respect, understanding...

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