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United Serbian Soccer Club



The United Serbian Soccer Club is a soccer organization that serves its community members. Goals and tasks of the United Serbian Soccer Club:

  1. To gather and unite individuals into a sound sport organization, under capable leadership that will enable physical and moral sport activities to benefit members of the soccer club and more importantly the church community.

  2. To offer individuals sport satisfaction and opportunity for development of brotherhood and friendship. This will create physical, moral, sound and useful members of our club and Serbian community.

  3. To offer members satisfactory social interaction through events that promote friendship, comradery, responsibility, integrity, growth, music, soccer, culture, and entertainment for the purposes of fundraising to both support the organization itself as well as the church via donations to developmental projects to create a better future for our youth.

  4. To be a beacon of support that our members can rely on within the scope of our reach.

The United Serbian Soccer Club currently competes across 3 divisions of soccer. The Majors team competes in fall and spring leagues coordinated by the Wisconsin Soccer Association. With its recent expansion into the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL), USSC has introduced a semi-professional team for the very first time in the Club’s history.


For more information, please visit the following:

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